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Online Appointments, Scripts, Referrals & Requests

Glebe Hill Family Practice offers Online Appointments

For your convenience, we offer online appointment bookings. You can book an appointment with the next available doctor, or the doctor of your choice, at ANY TIME, via the Book Appointment button on this website.

Our appointment management system, Appointuit, integrates seamlessly with our appointment book.

As well as using the Book Appointment button on this website, you can also use the Appointuit App to manage your appointment bookings on your smartphone or tablet.

Glebe Hill Family Practice offers an Online Prescription, Pathology & Imaging Requests and Referrals Service

For your convenience, along with our appointments online, we are happy to offer our patients requests for scripts and referrals online without an appointment.     

To request a script or referral online you simply need to:

  1. Click on the "Book Appointment" button on this website.
  2. Select the option "Request a script online without an appointment" or "Request a referral online without an appointment". (Select Request a referral if you'd like to request a pathology or imaging request form).
  3. Then follow the prompts!

You will be notified of whether the request has been approved within 3 working days via an SMS. Please make sure you have your valid and current mobile number recorded with us at the practice. If you have not heard within 3 working days, please phone and check the status with our reception staff (6169 0000).

We hope this new service provides an additional level of convenience for our valued patients.

Alternatively you can book a Brief Appointment for a repeat prescription, which attracts a Medicare Rebate, thereby reducing the out-of-pocket expense. For more information please see our Fees.

You can update your details at Glebe Hill Family Practice online

It's important to keep our records up to date with your current contact details including your address, phone numbers, and email address.

To update your details online you simply need to:

  1. Click on the "Book Appointment" button on this website
  2. Select the option "Update my details"
  3. Then follow the prompts!

Of course, if you'd prefer to speak with one of our friendly Reception staff, feel free to update your details over the phone, or at your next visit to Glebe Hill Family Practice!