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Shortage of private Flu Vaccine

Friday, May 24, 2019 - 11:02am

The great news is that the uptake of the 2019 Flu Vaccine has exceeded expectations - lots of people are being vaccinated. Well done, everyone!

The bad news is that there is now a nationwide shortage of private flu vaccine, and GHFP is unable to get any more private stocks (until further notice).

We currently have plenty of government-funded (free) vaccine for the following groups:

1. people aged 6 months to under 5 years

2. people aged 65 and over

3. pregnant women

4. people with medical conditions that increase their risk of influenze (eg. Diabetes, heart disease, COPD, epilepsy, etc)

5. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people (aged over 6 months)

We urge people who fit into these categories to attend to have their free vaccine ASAP whilst stocks last.

We cannot offer the recommended 2nd doses of private vaccine for those children aged 5-9 years who have had their first flu vaccine in 2019 at this time - but one dose is better than nothing.

Hopefully the government will ensure the manufacturers will make more vaccine so that we have some private vaccine available again in the weeks to come - we'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your understanding - The GHFP Team