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Update your communication consents!

Our clinical software has the capacity to allow us to send SMS reminders to patients about Clinical Information, Results, and Practice Information, as well Appointment Reminders and Recalls.

We would like to take this opportunity to check that we have the correct mobile phone number for you and your family members, and that you consent to receive communication in this manner.

If you have any questions, please phone 6169 0000 to speak to one of our friendly Team members.

If you don't consent to SMS contact we will try to contact contact you by phone or mail when there is something important we need to communicate with you about. We may not be able to use phone or SMS for large scale notifications, such as "COVID19 vaccines are now available", due to time and financial constraints. 

Giving us consent to use all 4 types of SMS can save a lot of "phone tag" and make communication more efficient.

There are 4 types of SMS communications available in our clinical software that we require your consent for:

  1. Appointment Reminders
  2. Clinical Reminders (eg. Services that are due, such as Cervical Screening Test, Diabetes Review, or Blood Pressure Check)
  3. Clinical Communication (eg. Short messages from your GP about your results, your referrals, etc)
  4. Health Awareness (eg. Important practice information, such as vaccine availability (eg. Flu vaccines, Covid vaccines) )

To update your communication details, preferences and consents please print, complete and sign a Communications Consent Form and return it to Glebe Hill Family Practice as soon as possible. You could return this to us the next time you come by the surgery, by email, or by mail. We will store the signed consent form in your electronic patient record.

Communication Consent Form