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We're listening!

Monday, July 19, 2021 - 3:11pm

We’re listening to your feedback!

Thank you to all of the patients who have made helpful suggestions and given constructive feedback!

Higher chair in the waiting room

It was suggested that a higher chair in the waiting room would be helpful for patients with mobility issues. After an extensive search, we finally found a suitable product which is Australian-made and should make our waiting room more comfortable for those in need.

Easier access

A couple of patients have mentioned that the driveway to our main car park can be awkward when vehicles are entering and leaving at the same time, and we agree. 

Thanks to your suggestions and assistance from the civil works team currently working around us, our driveway is now being widened to make it easier for you to enter and leave our main carpark. You may be temporarily inconvenienced but we think it will be worth it! 


In other car park news, we will soon be completing our rear carpark which will be for staff parking only. This will free up 10 extra spaces in our main car park making it much easier for GHFP patients to find a spot!


Thanks for your patience. We recognise that it has been difficult to find timely appointments at GHFP recently for urgent health issues in recent times. There has been unprecedented demand for GP services over the past 18 months. We are constantly working to keep up with ad-hoc government announcements and make changes to reflect the needs of our patients.

In response to patient feedback, we are working to increase the number of appointments available each day for medical issues that need to be seen urgently, and will continue to review and improve our systems to make sure we can provide the highest standard of healthcare for you.