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Glebe Hill Family Practice is a privately billing practice

Fees and Medicare rebates vary depending on the length and complexity of the consultation and are ultimately determined by the Doctor at the end of the consultation.

Payment is required on the day of the consultation, by cash or card immediately after your consultation. Your Medicare Rebate is refunded instantly into your bank account if you present a card attached to your savings or cheque account. Please let the Receptionist know if you do not have a cheque or savings card with you so that your claim can be submitted online - this will ensure that your rebate will be deposited into the bank account you have linked with Medicare.

The following information applies to consultations with our General Practitioners. More information about fees for Allied Health Professionals is available at our reception.


    Indicative General Practice Consultation Fees (effective 11th January: 2021)
    Standard Fee
    Discount Fee
    Typical Medicare Rebate
    Brief (up to 5 minutes)




    Standard (15-20 minutes)




    Long (20-30 minutes)




    Prolonged (> 40 minutes)





    Full Standard Fees apply on Saturdays.  No Discount Fees or Bulk Billing on Saturdays.

    If you have a medical complicated history, or would like more than one simple issue dealt with at your appointment, we recommend a Long Appointment.

    Brief Appointments are suitable for very simple consultations, such as a repeat prescription.

    Discount Fees

    The Discount Fees may be applicable to the following types of consultations Monday to Friday, at the discretion of the Doctor:

    • Children aged 16 years and under
    • People aged 75 and over
    • Concession card holders
    • Full-time students
    • Patients registered at Glebe Hill Family Practice under the Closing The Gap scheme
    • Some follow-up appointments, as determined by the Doctor


    At Glebe Hill Family Practice certain services may be bulk-billed Monday to Friday, at the discretion of the Doctor:


    Procedures may incur a gap of $50-300 depending on the nature and complexity of the procedure. Your Doctor will discuss the fee with you when the procedure is being arranged.

    For information about fees for IUDs at Glebe Hill Family Practice, click here.

    For information about fees for Vasectomy at Glebe Hill Family Practice, click here.

    Other Fees

    Fees apply for prescriptions or referrals without an appointment, and some consumables such as wound dressings and disposable instruments.

    Please allow adequate notice (at least 2 hours) when cancelling appointments. 

    Failure to attend a GP appointment, or providing inadequate notice of cancellation will attract a Non-Attendance Fee of $44 (including GST).

    Please phone our Reception Team for more information.