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Private Billings

The Health Care Practitioners who conduct their practices at Glebe Hill Family Practice and GHFP Nurture operate on a private billings basis. This means there will be out of pocket expenses for the care you receive. Fees and Medicare rebates vary depending on the length and complexity of the consultation and are ultimately determined by your Doctor or Allied Health Practitioner at the end of the consultation.

Payment is required in full on the day of consultation and will be processed immediately after your appointment. We require an eligible credit or debit card at the time of booking an appointment for pre-authorisation of payment, and the tokenised card will be used to process payment at the end of the consultation. Your Medicare rebate, if applicable, will be submitted online to Medicare on your behalf and refunded into your nominated bank account by Medicare. If you would prefer to pay by cash please advise our Receptionist at the completion of your consultation.

Any outstanding accounts may attract an administration fee and any associated costs for debt-collection by an external third party will be the responsibility of the patient and in addition to the initial account.

The following information applies to consultations with General Practitioners. More information about fees for Allied Health Professionals is available at our reception.


    Indicative General Practice Consultation Fees (updated November 2023):
    Consultation duration:
    Standard Fee
    Discount Fee
    Typical Medicare Rebate
    Brief (less than 6 mins)




    Standard (6-19 minutes)




    Long (20-30 minutes)




    Prolonged (over 40 minutes)





    Full Standard Fees apply on Saturdays.  (No Discount Fees or Bulk-Billing on Saturdays).

    If you have a medically complicated history, or would like more than one simple issue dealt with at your appointment, we recommend a Long Appointment.

    Brief Appointments are suitable for very simple consultations, such as a repeat prescription.

    Discount Fees

    Discount Fees may be applicable to the following types of consultations Monday to Friday, at the discretion of the practitioner:

    • Children aged 16 years and under
    • People aged 75 and over
    • Concession-card-holders
    • Full-time students
    • People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin registered at the practice for Closing The Gap
    • Some follow-up services, as determined by the practitioner


    Certain services may be billed directly to Medicare (bulk-billed) on weekdays (Monday to Friday), at the discretion of the practitioner:

    • DVA Gold Card holders
    • Immunisation Clinic - consultations solely for the administration of Immunisations
    • People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin who have a current concession card and are registered at the practice for Closing The Gap.
    • Health Assessments
    • Care Plans (GP Management Plans & Team Care Arrangements, not including GP Mental Health Care Plans)
    • Some follow-up services, as determined by the practitioner


    Procedures incur a fee depending on the nature and complexity of the service. Your practitioner will discuss the fee with you when the procedure is being arranged.

    For information about fees for IUDs at Glebe Hill Family Practice, click here.

    Other Fees

    Fees apply for prescriptions or referrals without an appointment, and some consumables such as wound dressings and disposable instruments.

    Late Cancellation / Failure To Attend Fees

    Please allow adequate notice when cancelling appointments. 

    If you need to cancel a GP appointment, please do so at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled GP appointment time, and 48 hours prior to your Allied Health appointment time. This allows adequate time for other patients the opportunity to make an appointment. Failure to cancel with adequate time, or non-attendance of an appointment will incur a fee.

    Failure to attend a GP appointment, or providing inadequate notice of cancellation (less than two hours) will attract a fee of $55 (including GST) for a 15 minute appointment, or $99 (including GST) for a long (30 min) appointment.

    Failure to attend / late cancellation fees for Allied Health Professionals vary per practitioner.

    Please phone our Reception Team for more information.