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Pfizer Vaccine Clinics

Pfizer Vaccine Clinics for patients aged 12 to 59

GHFP will be running Covid-19 Pfizer Vaccine Clinics for existing patients aged 12-59 who like to have their 1st dose of Pfizer vaccine on Sat 18th September and their second dose on Sat 9th October.
Approximately 150 appointments are available between 1:30pm and 5pm on those two dates. The appointments for the first and second doses will be bundled together (booked at the same time) and will be 3 weeks apart.
Due to the complexities of managing multi-dose vials, and having a relatively small vaccination team, we do not have the capacity to schedule either the first or second dose appointments at alternative times. 
If the clinics become fully booked, patients who miss out on a booking have the option to reserve a vaccine to be given priority if we schedule further clinics. We will consider scheduling further clinics depending on demand.
Our appointments will only be available to existing patients at GHFP. People who have not attended GHFP before, or who are unable to attend on the dates and times that we are running clinics are encouraged to seek vaccination at other sites around Hobart.

How to book

We use the Automed Vaccine Management platform for Covid-19 vaccine bookings and reservations. Please book your vaccine clinic appoitnments via the AMS Connect App, or this website (book appointment button).

We are experiencing a high volume of phone calls and we kindly request that you do not phone to book your appointment. Thanks for your kind consideratono!

Consent form

You will be able to fill in your online vaccine consent form prior to the first dose clinic.

Patients who do not complete their consent form online will be asked to fill in a hard copy consent form on arrival to the clinic.

COVID-19 Vaccines are FREE!

There are new temporary Medicare item numbers that will be bulk-billed for each Covid-19 vaccine dose administered. The vaccine is FREE (government-funded), so there will be no out-of-pocket expense for having your COVID-19 vaccines at GHFP.

What if I don't have a Medicare Card?

People who do not have a Medicare Card can still receive a free COVID-19 vaccine, but not at GHFP. They will need to attend a GP led Respiratory Clinic or a state vaccination clinic.

How will my COVID-19 vaccination be recorded?

Our clinical software automatically reports vaccinations to the AIR (Australian Immunisation Register).

Proof of vaccination will be available through:

  • Medicare Online account
  • Medicare Express Plus app
  • myGov
  • My Health Record


Thank you for considering COVID-19 vaccination - you're helping to protect yourself, our health system and our entire community including our most vulnerable people.