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Health Assessments

General check-ups and Health Assessments are available to all patients at GHFP.

Types of Health Assessments

Specific Medicare item numbers are available enabling your GP to bulk-bill Health Assessments for the following categories:
  • a once-off 45-49 Year Old Health Check for people aged 45-49 years who are at risk of developing chronic disease
  • a type 2 diabetes risk evaluation for people aged 40-49 years with a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes as determined by the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool
  • an annual health assessment for people aged 75 years and older
  • an annual comprehensive medical assessment for permanent residents of residential aged care facilities
  • an annual health assessment for people with an intellectual disability
  • a health assessment for refugees and other humanitarian entrants
  • an annual ATSI Health Check for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin

Outside of the above categories, health assessments will be privately-billed.

We require a long appointment (30-60 minutes) for a full check up.

Please discuss with one of our Reception staff or your GP about arranging a Health Assessment appointment.

Home Health Assessments

Home health assessments may be provided for people aged 75 and over, and residents of residential aged care facilities, as required.

One of our Practice Nurses may contact you to arrange a home visit time.

Health assessments are generally made up of the following elements:

  • information collection, including taking a patient history and undertaking or arranging examinations and investigations as required
  • making an overall assessment of the patient
  • recommending appropriate interventions and referrals
  • providing advice and information to the patient
  • keeping a record of the health assessment, and offering the patient a written report about the health assessment, with recommendations about matters covered by the health assessment
  • offering the patient’s carer (if any, and if the medical practitioner considers it appropriate and the patient agrees) a copy of the report or extracts of the report relevant to the carer

GP's and the clinical support team at GHFP also provide private Medical Assessments including pre-employment medicals, driver medicals, insurance medicals, and general check-ups.