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Influenza Vaccination

Get the Flu Vaccine in 2024

Annual vaccination is the most important measure to prevent influenza and its complications. It is recommended for all people ≥6 months of age. Fluvax Clinics will be running at Glebe Hill Family Practice and GHFP Nurture from 22nd April and through May 2024. The Fluvax Clinics are suitable for all age groups, and are great for family bookings. A GP and a Practice Nurse work together to look after you at your Fluvax Clinic appointment.

How to book

To book yourself and your family in to a Fluvax Clinic please use the booking buttons on this website or the AMS Connect App.

  1. Select the practice you'd like to attend. Clinics will be running Monday to Saturday at Glebe Hill Family Practice, and on Wednesdays at GHFP Nurture.
  2. Select Flu Vaccine, and identify your age group. Different vaccines are suitable for different ages, and we keep track of how many vaccines we'll need for each clinic.
  3. Select a day and time
  4. Secure your booking. As with all appoinments, your credit or debit card details are required to secure a booking. This card will be used to process a private fee for a vaccine if you're not eligible for an NIP-funded vaccine, or to recoup a $20 failure-to-attend fee if you don't show up to your appointment.

Bookings can be secured when the vaccines arrive at the practice. Our online booking system allows you to waitlist yourself for a Flu Vaccine in which case you will be notified by SMS when a vaccine has arrived for you - then you can book your appointment.

Please remember to wear loose short-sleeved clothing to your Fluvax Clinic appointment!


Fluvax Clinic appointments are bulk-billed (the practitioner agrees to accept your Medicare rebate as full payment for the service provided). 

NIP-funded flu vaccines

The Influenza Vaccine is government-funded (free) for:

Private flu vaccines

For people who are not eligible for NIP-funded Influenza Vaccine we stock private vaccine. The cost for a private Influenza Vaccine at Glebe Hill Family Practice and at GHFP Nurture is $20

Timing of vaccination

  • Annual vaccination should ideally occur before the onset of each influenza season. The period of peak influenza circulation is typically June to September in most parts of Australia. 
  • Protection is expected to last for the whole season, but optimal protection is within the first 3–4 months after vaccination.
  • The ideal timing of your Influenza Vaccination is any time from April.
  • It is never too late to vaccinate, because influenza can circulate all year. In particular, pregnant women and travellers can benefit from vaccination at any time of the year.

Two doses for children aged 6 months to <9 years in the first year of flu vaccination

  • Children aged 6 months to less than 9 years old should receive two doses of flu vaccine 4 weeks apart in their first year of influenza vaccination. 
  • Only one dose is needed if a person received one or more doses of influenza vaccine in a previous season.

Other Vaccines:

Other vaccines, including Covid boosters and pneumococcal vaccines, may be offered at your Fluvax Clinic appointment, but please note that the new shingles vaccine, Shingrix, will not be available at Fluvax Clinics.