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Development & Behavioural Assistance

Dr Tim Jones has a dedicated session for child Development & Behavioural Assistance for 0-12 year olds on a Wednesday afternoon once a month.

This session is suitable for the comprehensive assessment of and assistance with problems affecting the wellbeing of your child and / or family. These appointments are aimed at providing parents with practical advice and support if their kids are facing significant challenges. Dr Jones will focus on parenting strategies and non-pharmacological management. Dr Jones draws from a broad range of strategies to help support parents utilising a family-based approach.

Development & Behavioural Assistance appointments are 30 mins duration and are restricted to patients aged 0 to 12 years old.


How to book?

Select the Development & Behavioural Assistance appointment type when booking online via this website or the AMS Connect app. Alternatively, phone the clinic and ask one of our friendly Receptionists to assist you with making the booking.


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Click on the following link to see Dr Jones discuss the common issue of bedwetting:

Bedwetting Video